G fully enclosed gear reducer motor
Category: G series fully enclosed gear reducer Publish time: 2014-06-01 16:50 

product description:
1. Fully enclosed and full-life mechatronics design of G series reducer;
2. G fully enclosed gear reducer hardened helical gear transmission, low noise and high efficiency;
3. The overall structure of the gear reducer, light weight and strong adaptability;
4. An electromagnetic brake can be attached.

Performance characteristics:
1. Output speed: 6.9~460r/min
2. Output torque: up to 1500N.m
3. Motor power: 0.075KW~3.7KW
4. Installation form: H-foot type V-flange type

technical parameter:
Motor power: 75W~3700W
Output speed: 7.5~570r/min
Output torque: up to 1420N.m
Installation form: H-foot type V-flange type

Model Description:

Basic model:
Detailed selection parameters and size parameters:
1,GH horizontal model representation and size table
2,GV vertical model indication and size table
3,GHD horizontal double-shaft type overall dimensions
4,GVD vertical double-shaft type overall dimensions
5,GHM horizontal direct connection type overall dimensions
6,GVM vertical direct connection type outline size
7,G series wiring method and performance table


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