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China factory High Rpm RV Series Aluminum Alloy Worm Gear Box Nmrv 025-150 Reducer Variable Wheel Drive Speed Reduction Transmission Worm Gearbox differential gearbox

Product Description

High Rpm RV series Aluminum Alloy Worm Gear box NMRV 571-150 Reducer Variable Wheel Drive Speed Reduction Worm Gearbox


Products Description            

NMRV worm gearbox reducer is a commodity with sophisticated design and continuous improvements, its main features are made of high quality aluminum alloy, light weight and non-rusting, larget output toque, smooth running and low noise, high radiating efficiency, good looking apprearance, derable service life, small volume and suitable for all mounting positions.

1. Mad of high-quality aluminum alloy,light weight and non-rusting
2. Large output torque
3. Smooth in running and low in noise,can work long time in dreadful conditions.
4. High in radiating efficiency.
5. Good-looking in appearance,durable in service life and small in volume.
6. Suitable for omnibearing installation.

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NMRV571, NMRV030, NMRV040, NMRV050, NMRV063, NMRV075, NMRV090, NMRV110, NMRV130, NMRV150 



Output Torque



Machinery Industry

Input Speed


Output Speed



Housing: Size 25-110 Is Aluminum Alloy, Size 110-150 Is Cast-Iron

Worm Wheel: ZCuSn10Pb1


Pinion:Tin Bronze

Output Shaft: Steel-45#

IEC Flange

IEC Standard Flange Or On Customer Request


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nmrv gearbox

Lubrication for an NMRV Gearbox

Lubrication is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of an NMRV gearbox. The type and amount of lubricant required may vary depending on the gearbox model and manufacturer. Here are the general lubrication practices:

  • Recommended Lubricants: Use the lubricants specified by the gearbox manufacturer. Typically, high-quality gear oils with the appropriate viscosity and additives are recommended.
  • Initial Fill: Prior to the gearbox’s first operation, ensure that it is properly filled with the recommended lubricant to the correct level. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the proper quantity.
  • Lubricant Change: Regularly change the lubricant according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Over time, lubricants can degrade due to heat and contamination, which can affect gearbox performance.
  • Temperature Considerations: Gearboxes operating in extreme temperatures may require lubricants with specific temperature ranges to ensure proper viscosity and protection.
  • Checking Levels: Periodically check the lubricant level in the gearbox to ensure it is within the specified range. This can prevent damage caused by insufficient lubrication.
  • Oil Analysis: Some gearbox systems benefit from regular oil analysis to monitor lubricant condition and identify potential issues before they cause significant damage.

Proper lubrication practices contribute to reduced friction, wear, and heat generation within the NMRV gearbox, leading to improved efficiency and extended lifespan.

nmrv gearbox

Advantages of Using Worm Gear in an NMRV Gearbox

Worm gears offer several advantages when used in an NMRV gearbox:

1. High Reduction Ratio: Worm gears provide a high reduction ratio in a compact form, allowing for significant speed reduction in a single stage.

2. High Efficiency: While worm gears typically have lower mechanical efficiency compared to some other gear types, the design of the NMRV gearbox optimizes efficiency by using a bronze worm gear and a self-locking mechanism that minimizes backdriving.

3. Compact Design: Worm gears have a compact and space-efficient design, making them suitable for applications with limited installation space.

4. Smooth and Quiet Operation: The meshing of worm gears and the helical design of the worm result in relatively smooth and quiet operation.

5. Self-Locking: Worm gears inherently have a self-locking characteristic, meaning that the gear cannot easily be back-driven by the worm. This property is beneficial for applications where holding position without external locking mechanisms is essential.

6. High Torque Capacity: Worm gears can transmit high torque loads, making them suitable for applications that require high torque output.

7. Simple Lubrication: The design of the NMRV gearbox allows for efficient lubrication of the worm gear, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

These advantages make worm gears a popular choice for NMRV gearboxes in various industrial applications, where their characteristics contribute to reliable and efficient power transmission.

Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Function: Distribution Power, Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Steel
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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nmrv gearbox

Working Principle of an NMRV Gearbox

An NMRV gearbox, also known as a worm gear reducer, operates based on a worm and worm wheel mechanism. Here’s how it works:

The gearbox consists of two main components: the worm (a screw-like shaft) and the worm wheel (a toothed wheel). The worm is driven by the input power source, while the worm wheel is connected to the output shaft.

As the worm rotates, its threaded shaft engages with the teeth of the worm wheel. The helical shape of the worm causes the teeth of the worm wheel to push against each other, resulting in a smooth and gradual transfer of motion. This mechanism provides the speed reduction and torque multiplication required for various applications.

One key characteristic of NMRV gearboxes is that the worm can turn the worm wheel, but the reverse is not possible due to the high friction generated by the helical threads. This feature prevents the output shaft from back-driving the input shaft, providing mechanical locking and enhancing safety and stability in applications.

The NMRV gearbox’s operation is continuous, and its simple design contributes to its reliability and efficiency. It is important to ensure proper lubrication to minimize wear and heat generation during operation.

China factory High Rpm RV Series Aluminum Alloy Worm Gear Box Nmrv 025-150 Reducer Variable Wheel Drive Speed Reduction Transmission Worm Gearbox   differential gearbox	China factory High Rpm RV Series Aluminum Alloy Worm Gear Box Nmrv 025-150 Reducer Variable Wheel Drive Speed Reduction Transmission Worm Gearbox   differential gearbox
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China 42Mm Planetary Low Rpm 24V Dc Motor High Torque Gearbox Manufacturers 12V Dc Motor supplier

Model Amount: 42GP-775 Planetary Equipment Motor
Utilization: BOAT, Vehicle, House Appliance, Robots, nest equipment, gaming and enjoyment gear, sensible products
Type: DC Worm Equipment Motor
Torque: 8Kg.cm
Design: Long term Magnet
Commutation: Brush
Shield Function: Drip-evidence
Velocity(RPM): 4~210(rpm)
Continuous Present(A): .3A
Effectiveness: IE 1
Merchandise Title: SRB-GW370-One Screw Hole
Motor Sort: Brushed DC Motor
Reducer Dimension: 46mm*32mm
Reducer Shaft Duration: 14mm
Reducer Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Reducer Shaft Variety: D-Shaft(Milling edge 1.5mm)
Fat: 150g
Material: Stainless Metal
Feature1: Self-locking perform, CW/CCW
Feature2: Long existence, low noise, huge torque, secure and trustworthy functionality
Certification: ce, RoHS
Packaging Information: 1. Common carton packaging. 2. Use EPS foam or EPE cotton within the carton.
Port: HangZhou

NAME: 42GP-775 Planetary Gear Motor Support For Customizing Other Parameters
Model Voltage Gearbox No Load Rated Load Stall MAX Energy
Ratio Number Of Gear Trains Length Pace Present Pace Present Torque Present
V one:00 mm rpm A rpm A N.m Kg.cm A W
42GP-775-12400 DC 12V 3.seven one 33.5 1100 ≤500 550 ≤6. .53 five.5 twelve 35
five one 33.five 820 ≤500 410 ≤6. .73 seven.5 12
13 2 forty three.5 315 ≤500 one hundred fifty ≤6. 2. twenty 12
eighteen 2 43.five 228 ≤500 one hundred forty ≤4.5 two. twenty 12
25 2 forty three.five 165 ≤500 a hundred and ten ≤4. 2. 20 twelve
49 three fifty three.5 83 ≤500 60 ≤3.5 3. thirty 12
67 3 53.5 60 ≤500 50 ≤2.8 three. 30 12
92 3 53.five forty five ≤500 37 ≤2.5 4. 40 twelve
one hundred twenty five three 53.5 32 ≤500 27 ≤2. four. 40 12
181 four 63.5 22 ≤500 19 ≤2. five. 50 twelve
246 4 63.five 16.five ≤500 15 ≤2. seven. 70 12
336 4 63.5 12 ≤500 eleven ≤2. seven. 70 twelve
458 four 63.5 nine ≤500 8 ≤2. seven. 70 12
625 four sixty three.five 6.5 ≤500 five.eight ≤1.five seven. 70 12
42GP-775-24800 DC 24V three.seven one 33.five 2200 ≤700 1100 ≤ Sizzling Sale Rubber Device Classical V-Belt Industrial Belt Transmission Poly V Belt thirteen 1.2 twelve 24.five one hundred fifty
five 1 33.five 1640 ≤700 820 ≤13 one.3 13 24.five
thirteen two forty three.five 630 ≤700 300 ≤13 3. thirty 24.5
eighteen two 43.5 450 ≤700 300 ≤10 3. 30 24.five
25 2 43.five 330 ≤700 250 ≤9 3. 30 24.5
49 three 53.5 165 ≤700 a hundred thirty ≤7 four. forty 24.5
sixty seven three fifty three.5 120 ≤700 one hundred and five ≤6 five. 50 24.five
92 3 53.five ninety ≤700 80 ≤5 6. 60 24.five
one hundred twenty five 3 53.five 64 ≤700 55 ≤4 six. sixty 24.5
181 4 63.five 44 ≤700 40 ≤4 seven. 70 24.five
246 four 63.five 33 ≤700 thirty ≤4 nine. ninety 24.five
336 4 sixty three.five 24 ≤700 22 ≤4 9. ninety 24.five
458 4 63.5 eighteen ≤700 16 ≤4 9. 90 24.five
625 four sixty three.5 13 ≤700 twelve ≤3 nine. ninety 24.5

Produts Demonstrate
Motor selection meth
SoftwareTypical apps:
1. Home applications: white items, little appliances, followers, electric powered screens, automatic window opening, floor cleansing robots, vacuum cleaners, sensible residence programs.
two. Healthcare purposes: healthcare pumps, sphygmomanometers, surgical tools, medical agitators, centrifuges.
3. Electrical power instruments: air pump, water pump, vacuum pump, oxygen generator, 3pcs Trend Jewelry 18k Gold Color Dragon Sample Stainless Steel Pair Rings Zircon Heart Wedding Ring Set for Bridal electric powered drill, electric screwdriver.
4. Business equipment: printers, copiers, shredders, projectors, scanners, income registers, vending equipment.
five. Individual treatment: hair dryer, electrical shaver, beauty product, hair roller, steam hair straightener (h2o jet straight hair outlet).
six. Well being discipline: massager, adult toy.
seven. Stability subject: surveillance program, digital camera, secure.
eight. Industrial purposes: robotic arms, printing products, automation products.
nine. Other apps: electronic door locks, intelligent switches, robots, toys, smart vehicles, boats, smart dress in, electronics, Do-it-yourself, and so on.

Hi, I am quite happy to see our goods. We are specialist motor OEM/ODM producers, and have practically eleven a long time of generation and R&D knowledge. We have our personal manufacturing facility and technological engineers. We are found in HangZhou, China, If you are fascinated in our goods, there are any motor customization demands, welcome to get in touch with us, our specialist providers to solution your inquiries.

Business Information

Packaging & Shipping

Q1: Are you a Producer or a Buying and selling Company ?
A:We are a specialist company with above eleven years of knowledge, and have a complete provide chain from components processing to completed goods.

Q2: What’re your main items ?
A: The principal productions are: Brush dc motor, Brushless dc motor, Spur equipment motor, Micro motor, Vibration motor, Turbo worm geared motors, Solitary chain Grain silo Drag Chain Scraper Conveyor with lower cost Geared motors with Corridor encoders, Planetary geared motors, Micro pump motors, Sensible automobile motor sets, Pace reducers, Velocity controllers, Electricity adapters, Switches Electricity supply and associated motor components. Other varieties of motors, make sure you make contact with client provider for customization.

Q3: How is your High quality Handle ?
A: We have specialist examining personnel on each creation line procedure. Soon after finishing the whole motor, we have the whole good quality device to check the motor. These kinds of as Hardness Tester, 2.5D Impression Tester, Salt Spray Chamber, Lifestyle Tester, Temperature Check Machine, and Sound tester and so on.

This autumn: How to purchase ?
A: Ship Us Inquiry → Acquire Our Quotation → Negotiate Information → Affirm The Sample → CZPT Deal/Deposit → Mass Creation →Cargo Ready → Balance/Supply → More Cooperation

Q5: How about Sample order ?A: Sample is offered for you. you should get in touch with us for specifics. When we charge you sample price, please truly feel straightforward, it would be refund when you place formal order.
Q6: How prolonged is the provide[Creating] and shipping and delivery ?
A: 1. Supply time is dependent on the amount you purchase. typically it will take 15-twenty five doing work days.
2. Regular kind products can be delivered inside of 3 working times, and other tailored samples can be delivered inside of 7-10 operating times.

Q7: Which shipping and delivery way is accessible ?A: 1. DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, Sea are accessible. The other delivery ways are also offered, please speak to us if you want ship by the other shipping and delivery way. 2. For samples and packages significantly less than 100kg, we usually advise convey transport For weighty offers, we normally suggest air delivery or sea delivery. But it all is dependent on our customers’ requirements.

Q8. What is your conditions of Payments ?
A: 1. Alibaba Trade Assurance. Any trade disputes, alibaba will ensure your income and compensate all of your reduction.
2. T/T: fifty% deposit first, and 50% equilibrium before the delivery. we will demonstrate you the images or movies of the goods and the packings prior to you spend the equilibrium.
3. Western Union, Income Gram, Visa, Master card recognized. Other payment strategies are also offered, make sure you contact us ahead of payment.

Q9: When will you reply right after received my inquiries ?
A: Our buyer support is online 24 several hours, CE Accredited CZPT VS III Guide Chain Hoist for Transmission hunting CZPT to your inquiry.

worm reducer

A-Drive PWC single worm reducer gearbox

A worm gear is a gear used to reduce the speed of a mechanical device. Often used in the automotive and shipbuilding industries, these gears have a lifespan comparable to many other types of reducer gearboxes. As a result, worm gears continue to be popular with engineers.

Agknx driver

Conical drive worm reducer gearboxes are an excellent choice for a variety of applications. The double-enveloping worm gear geometry of the Agknx Drive reducer gearbox provides a larger contact area and higher torque carrying capacity. This specialized gear system is also ideal for applications requiring higher precision.
Agknx Drive’s products are ideal for the solar, packaging, steel, food and pulp and paper industries. Additionally, Agknx Drive’s products are ideal for motion control and medium to heavy duty applications. The company’s dedicated sales and service teams are available to assist with your specific needs.
Agknx drive worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in single, double and triple reductions. Depending on the application, a single stage unit can transport up to 7,500 lbs. of torque. Its low-cost, compact design makes it a convenient option. Conical drive gearboxes are versatile and durable.
X & H

X & H worm gear units feature worm gear sets and are available in two different series. The X-Series includes XA versions with shaft and XF to XC versions with motor mounts. Compared to the XC compact series, the XF series offers outstanding versatility and higher efficiency. The H series combines the features of the X series with a spur gear pre-stage on the input. The H series has a die cast aluminum housing and cast iron shaft.
The X & H Worm reducer gearbox Series “H” helical gears are compatible with NMRV and C side input 56F wired motors. These gear reducer gearboxes are low cost and easy to install. They feature a cast iron housing and four threaded mounting holes.
RV seriese aluminum right angle

RV seriese aluminum right angle worm reduces versatility and durability. They are available in a variety of sizes including 25, 30, 40, 50, 63, 75, 110, 130, 150. Featuring standard NEMA motor input flanges and torque arm or foot mounting options, these reducer gearboxes are ideal for a variety of applications.
RV series worm gear reducer gearbox is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with compact structure. It also features light weight, corrosion resistance and low noise. Its housing is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, while the worm gear is made of 20CrM. The worm gear is heat treated by carbon quenching to increase its hardness. The thickness of the carbide layer is between 0.3-0.5mm.
These worm gear reducer gearboxes have multiple functions to maximize efficiency. In addition to being corrosion resistant, they are available in a variety of sizes to suit any application. Other features include a corrosion-resistant cast iron housing, enclosed breather, double-lip seal and magnetic drain plug. These worm gear reducer gearboxes are available with single or dual input shafts and are interchangeable with NMRVs.
Aluminum alloy right angle worm reducer gearbox is a light, durable and efficient gear reduction device. Its compact design makes it lighter than other gearheads, while its rust-resistant surface and long life make it an excellent choice for industrial and automotive applications. It is available in a variety of sizes, including inches.
worm reducerAGknx Single

Worm reducer gearboxes can be classified as sacrificial gears. It is used to reduce the torque of the machine. It has two parts: a worm and wheels. The worm can be made of brass or steel. Brass worm gears corrode easily. Phosphorus EP gear fluid can run on brass worm gears. It creates a thin oxide layer on the gear teeth, protecting them from impact forces and extreme mechanical conditions. Unfortunately, it can also cause serious damage to the brass wheels.
Worm reducer gearboxes work by transferring energy only when the worm is sliding. This process wears away the lubricating layer and metal of the wheel. Eventually, the worm surface reaches the top of the wheel and absorbs more lubricant. This process will repeat itself in the next revolution.
Worm reducer gearboxes have two benefits: they are compact and take up little space. They can slow down high-output motors while maintaining their torque. Another important feature of the worm gear reducer gearbox is its high transmission ratio capability. It can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions, and a bidirectional version is also available.
Worm gears have some complications compared to standard gear sets, but overall they are reliable and durable. Proper installation and lubrication can make them sturdy, efficient devices.
A-Drive AGknx Single

If you’re considering purchasing a new worm gear reducer gearbox for your A-Drive AGknx single, you need to understand your goals. While single-stage worm reducer gearboxes can be used, their reduction ratios are often limited. In most cases, they can only achieve a reduction ratio of 10:1. However, there are other types of gears that provide additional speed reduction capabilities.
The worm reducer gearbox consists of two parts: the input worm and the output worm. Each component has its own rotational speed, the input worm rotates in a single direction and the output worm wheel rotates vertically. In a five-to-one ratio, the input worm rotates five times for each output worm. Likewise, a 60-to-1 ratio requires 60 revolutions of each worm. Due to this arrangement, the worm reducer gearbox is inefficient. Gear reduction is inefficient due to sliding friction rather than rolling friction.
Worm reducer gearboxes are also susceptible to thermal stress. They run hotter than hypoid reducer gearboxes, which reduces their useful life. In addition to higher heat, worm reducer gearboxes can experience component failure over time. In addition, an oil change is imminent due to the deterioration of lubrication.
The worm gear reducer gearbox of the A-Drive PPC single is a direct drive gearbox for personal watercraft. It has bronze bushings, aluminum gears, and a spool box. The spool box has a quarter-inch plated spool to wrap 1/4-inch 7 x 19 aircraft cable. Its design also makes it a more efficient alternative to belt-driven AGknx cranes.
worm reducerAGknx X & H

The AGknx X & H worm gear reducer gearbox series is a high-performance universal mount worm gear reducer gearbox. It features a spur gear primary on the input for higher performance and a wider range of gear ratios. Its design also allows it to be used with a variety of input shaft types, including shaft and closed-coupled applications.
It is available in a variety of sizes, including popular frame sizes 90 and 110. The worm shaft is made of case-hardened alloy steel with a cast iron hub and bronze ring gear. The standard output shaft is hollow. There are also models with dual single-shaft outputs.

China 42Mm Planetary Low Rpm 24V Dc Motor High Torque Gearbox Manufacturers 12V Dc Motor     supplier China 42Mm Planetary Low Rpm 24V Dc Motor High Torque Gearbox Manufacturers 12V Dc Motor     supplier
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